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For over half a century, Phillips Food Service has been a dedicated restaurant food supplier for businesses in Texas and beyond. We offer a wide variety of products, including selections of can liners, aluminum foil, janitorial supplies, fresh and frozen foods, dry foods and oils, food packaging supplies, and more. Located in San Antonio, we are proud to offer our expertise as a family-owned restaurant food supplier to customers in San Antonio, Austin, and throughout Texas. Our company has been working since 1945 to deliver the kind of exemplary service you can count on from your restaurant food supplier. Please take a moment to look through our extensive selection of products.

If you have questions about our products or would like to place an order, please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly and knowledgeable Sales Representatives. Make Phillips Food Service your restaurant food distributor today! Call us at 210-227-2397 or contact us online to request a quote on bulk orders.

A Complete Selection of Restaurant Food Supply Products

As a comprehensive restaurant food supplier, we offer the following products:

  • Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies – We offer cleaning supplies including mops, mop handles, cleaning chemicals, degreasers, dispensers, toilet paper, hand soaps, and brooms.
  • Can Liners & Restaurant Cleaning Supplies – Our can liner selection consists of both high and low-density bags for all types of receptacles. We also carry USDA approved high-density liners for food processors.
  • Styrofoam Food Packaging & Food Service Disposables – As a restaurant food supplier, we also offer Styrofoam plates, cups, meat trays, bowls, and hinged take out containers.
  • Aluminum Foil Food Packaging Supplies – We supply a large range of aluminum foil and aluminum foil packaging products including rolls, sheets, steam pans, catering trays, baking pans, and laminated sheets.
  • Boxes and Steak/Butcher Paper – Our food service supplies include boxes and paper in a range suitable for many types of businesses. Our stock includes bakery boxes, fried chicken boxes, meat boxes, meat/butcher paper, miscellaneous corrugated packing boxes, and corrugated cake circles and cake boards.
  • Disposable Food Packaging & Paper Goods – Our paper products range in category from paper bags and toilet tissue to napkins, towels, and dispensers.
  • Plastic Food Containers – We offer a wide selection of plasticware including containers, plates, cups, lids, straws, and cutlery.
  • Fresh and Frozen Foods – As an experienced restaurant food supplier and food wholesaler, we understand your need for fresh and frozen foods. We proudly offer a wide variety of products from vendors you know and trust. Please visit our online catalog to shop from our full product list.
  • Fresh and Frozen Meats – Phillips Food Service is a restaurant food supplier specializing in meat distribution. Our stock of numerous high-quality cuts comes from top suppliers.
  • Dry Foods, Edible Oils, and Shortenings – As a leading wholesale food supplier, our stock of dry foods and oil shortening is extensive in order to properly serve the needs of your business. Please visit our online catalog for a complete list of dry foods, edible oils, and shortenings.

As a leading food service distributor, this is just the beginning. For a complete list of all of the products we sell browse our catalog online or contact us to speak with a Sales Representative.

Make Phillips Food Service Your Texas Restaurant Food Supplier!

Texas Restaurant Food Supplier

At Phillips Food Service, we supply everything our diverse customer mix needs from food to packaging supplies and beyond. From restaurants, bakeries, caterers, schools, and government facilities to food processors, manufacturers, re-distributors, and convenience stores, we have everything you need. Call us today at 210-227-2397 or email us online for a quote on bulk orders, and you will see why we are one of the best restaurant food distributors Texas has to offer!