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Food Service Distributor in Texas

Phillips Food Service is a family-owned, food service distributor based in San Antonio, Texas. Since 1945, our team has been the go-to food service distributor for many well-established Texas companies. We offer a wide variety of products, from fresh, packaged, and frozen foods, to packaging and cleaning supplies. We are one of the best Food Service Distributors for a wide range of companies and take pride in offering our customers a tailor-made ordering experience, keeping your specific needs in mind.

With over 70 years of experience, our team is equipped and ready to supply your food service business today!
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Why is Phillips Food Service the Right Food Service Distributor for Your Company?

  • Competitive Pricing – We keep our prices low and our standards for quality and service high. Our order fulfillment rates exceed industry standards and we have a track record of retaining clients because of our high customer satisfaction. We understand that every dollar counts when growing and maintaining your business. Our competitive prices make us the ideal food service distributor for your company.
  • Experience – Our reputation as a reliable food service distributor is upheld by our professional Sales Representatives. We take pride in providing excellent one-on-one customer service to all businesses we supply. At Phillips Food Service, we believe in building trust through exceeding expectations. Our capable team of food service distribution professionals have helped us retain numerous clients for over 30 years. Our well-trained and knowledgeable staff are ready to walk you through your ordering process, providing you with a confident and informed experience. We also offer easy to use web-based ordering for your convenience.
  • Buying in Bulk – Our fleet of trucks and trusted drivers are ready to deliver bulk orders to your business in a timely manner and can arrange for nationwide delivery. Our Sales Representatives are happy to answer any questions you may have about discounted rates on high volume and truck load orders. Our fully stocked 140k sq. ft. food service distribution center is in the heart of San Antonio, which means fast and efficient distribution for your business, no matter the size of the order.
  • Order Customization – A large part of providing excellent food service distribution is allowing your business the freedom to customize your supplies. Brand recognition is important to any business. Whether you are an established chain, or a small business just starting out, we provide a wide variety of printed items manufactured to your specifications.

Phillips Food Service is Ready to Supply Your Business Today!

Food Service Distributor in San Antonio & Austin, TX

At Phillips Food Service, we take food service distribution seriously, and we understand the importance of providing a prompt, professional experience for our clients. Our convenient hub location in San Antonio puts us in close proximity to all Texas-based businesses. We are the food service distributor to a wide range of businesses including restaurants, manufacturers, bakeries, re-distributors, caterers, retailers, schools, food processors, government facilities, and more, throughout Texas. We are happy to fine tune your food service distribution order to meet any specifications your company may require.

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If you are ready to make a change in your business and want to work with one of Texas’ best restaurant food distributors, give us a call at 210-227-2397. We look forward to discussing your company’s needs and how we can deliver, so please put our team to work for you. Order online or contact our staff today to discuss your future with Phillips Food Service!